Watership RTL Brittany-Et Reg #15420657
VG 86 +EV+V
2-02 305d 24,510m 1,034f 4.2% 840p 3.4%
365d 28,498m 1,232f 4.3% 1,000p 3.5%
3-10 305d 31,730m 1,319f 4.2% 1,055p 3.3%
365d 35,648m 1,530f 4.3% 1,225p 3.4%
6-05 160d 19,343m 3.3%f 3.3%p inc.
Lactation Projection 33,339m 1133f 1105p
Fresh 9/17/97 and milking 140 lbs.
Maternal Sister to Dix-Jim Ben Reg.# 2016397
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AGROWEB is pleased to bring to you an extensive inventory of dairy cattle genetics. Because of the unique ease of distibution and it's inherent acclamation to the web we feel it most logical to focus on embryo technology. We are pleased to include actual livestock for trade, and will list animals as you the interested party, and the agriculturists we represent on the internet, deem appropriate.

In the case of frozen embryo inventory, we have gone to great lengths to compile pedigrees that would represent most any level of genetic interest. In addition significant care has been taken to represent a reliable source from a technical stand point and no embryos will be represented other than those produced by a certified AETA practioner.

Due to page space considerations, it is not practical to list every pedigree with all it's attributes, but please send us the criteria you wish to satisfy in your breeding program, and we will compare your requirements with our inventory and will match you with the pedigrees that best fit your needs.

In addition to existing embryos we will always have donor cows inventoried that are available for contracting for the purposes of bull or embryo contracts and only await the choice of a contract sire.

Currently AGROWEB is listing hundreds of embryos for all dairy breeds combined, so click on the photo below of the EX 90 point Ned Boy ( dry and on pasture ) and send us your inquiry.

Brittany and others of her caliber are managed by Dream Genes Holsteins. Please visit our homepage.

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