Dream-Genes Dancer Delight Et
1-11 2x 365d 20,000m 4.1% f 828 3.7% p 732
3-08 2x 365d 29,012m 3.9% f 1127 3.5% p 1016

Dream-Genes Holsteins is a nucleus herd of cattle that originated from a careful selection process of pedigrees listed in the U.S.D.A. Elite cow index list (top 1% of the breed) and also the Holstein Associations Premier Preformer and Locator lists(top 5,000 and top 10,000 individuals respectively).

About Brittany :

Brittany's productivity is one example of our breeding program efforts. She is owned by The Feats Partnership and is managed by Dream-Genes Holsteins. Her only flush to date was to Lutz-Meadows E Mandel-Et which resulted in 30 embryos.
Brittany's Dam has accomplishments that include, but are not limited to 1-11 356d 34,290m 5.4%f 1859 3.4%p 1172 and her best day for embryo recovery pruduced 42 class I embryos.

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